Monday, October 1, 2012

119 Cookbooks: The Worst of The Worst

And now…..the losers.  #10 being mostly edible, #1 being horrific. I tried to narrow it down to things that were actually awful, not just things I don't normally enjoy eating anyway. Read: mushrooms.

10. Crunchy Chicken Roll-Ups: First off, what a waste of paper. Anyone (seriously, anyone) can make a wrap. Secondly, water chestnuts are disgusting.

9. White Bean and Escarole Soup: Besides being a bit on the bland side, there was lettuce in this soup. Ever have lettuce in a soup before? No? You know why not? It’s horrible.

8. Fried Mush with Sausage: This one made the list just because the recipe was so badly written, the only thing that kept it at #8 is that when I did cook it (my way) it was pretty tasty.

7. Creamy Orange French Toast: It was like an orange exploded everywhere with this dish. The sauce would probably be good on French toast…if that bread wasn’t infused with orange and the batter didn’t contain orange zest.

6. Red and Green Salad: Here’s the thing….radicchio, red peppers, apples and peas do not taste good together. And it kind of hurts your jaw when you try to chew it.

5. Robiola Pizza: Oh Martha, you really let me down on this one. Maybe you should mention that when you spread the robiola on the crust, it will completely melt and soak in and your "pizza" will taste like a truffley sponge. Blech.

4. Scallops in White Wine: Honestly, boiled scallops in gravy.  It was fitting that this recipe was Zuko’s pick….because he was the only one who enjoyed it. And I’m not only talking about the mushrooms!

3. Allspice Lamb Chops:  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Allspice is the food of the Devil. It ruins everything it touches…especially perfectly cooked lambchops.

2. Gong Bao Chicken (aka: Pepper Spray Chicken):  I made this dish using half of the amount of peppers it called for and it still left us coughing for hours and barely to eat the food.  Maybe the phrase “or to taste” should be used, I’m just saying.

1. Pineapple Garlic Upside Down Cake: The absolutely worst thing made during the project….by about a million. It was the only dish that wasn’t edible. I took one bite and threw the whole thing away….and you know how I hate to waste food! My stomach is churning just thinking about it…..

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  1. 1. Water chestnuts rule!
    2. Orange French Toast? YUM!
    3. I read a post on your blog!